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We at HairGenie understand the stress of hairloss and thinning hair. We understand how this impacts on your confidence and how you interact with people.

Here at HairGenie we help you find the solutions! We have sourced products that will help your hair look thicker and hide your bold spots perfectly!!

Below are some of the questions that we get asked daily. If you still have questions, you are welcome to contact us, and one of our team of experts will be happy to answer your questions.


Hair looks thinner because firstly the density of the hair reduces when hair falls out, and this leads to the scalp being more visible. We at HairGenie use different products to hide hairloss by coloring the scalp the same color as your hair.

We recommend that you start by ordering our starter kit which consist of the following:

  • Hairline Optimizer
  • Applicator
  • Fibre Hold Spray
  • Toppik Fibers

Hairline Optimizer:

Hair Optimizer
Hair Optimizer

Toppik Hairline Optimizer is uniquely designed with irregular teeth to help you mimic a natural hairline when applying Toppik Hair Fibers


Spray Applicator
Spray Applicator

The Toppik Spray Applicator is a patented tool that attaches to Regular and Economy size bottles of Toppik Hair Fibers and allows for a more precise application. Allows you to easily target and spray Hair Fibers into specific areas.

Fiberhold Spray:

Toppik Fiberhold Spray
Toppik Fiberhold Spray

Toppik FiberHold Spray is a fine mist designed to strengthen the bond between Toppik Hair Fibers and your existing hair, producing longer-lasting results.

Hair Building Fibers:

Toppik Hair Building Fibers, made of colored keratin protein, blend undetectably with existing hair strands to instantly create the appearance of naturally thick, full hair. Instantly fills in thinning areas
Conceals hair loss
Makes fine hair look completely thick and full
Great as a root touch-up between coloring.


COUVRe Scalp Concealing Lotion is a hair concealer that makes hair look instantly thicker by eliminating the contrast between thinning hair and scalp.

Because you effectively color your scalp, it is important that you use the same color as your roots. Also use our color chart as below. This will help you mix and match the ideal color for your specific hair type.
Choose the right color for your hair
Choose the right color for your hair

This depends on how severe your hairloss currently is. But most people will just notice you look younger, although they might not figure out exactly why.

Couvre is a Scalp Concealing lotion, which makes your hair look thicker by eliminating the contrast between the scalp and you hair. This is a lotion that colors your scalp.

Hair Building Fibers also eliminate the contrast between the scalp and the hair. The main difference is that the Fibres bond with your hair and makes your existing hair look thicker.

The texture and appearance of the Toppik Hair Building Fibers work well with ethnic hair


Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made of Keratin protein – the same thing that makes up human hair. The Keratin protein comes from a natural wool source, which is the closest match to human hair.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers stay firmly in place even in wind, rain and perspiration. For even longer-lasting results and added shine, use Toppik FiberHold Spray

Toppik Hair Building Fibers do not encourage or discourage hair growth. The natural Keratin Fibers will not clog pores or affect a scalp condition.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers stay until you wash your hair. They may shift but can be easily touched up. Many individuals who go to the salon weekly for a shampoo/set or a blow out will leave the Fibers in until their next appointment.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers can be used to effectively and easily cover both gray roots and color-treated root re-growth!

It is recommended that Toppik Hair Building Fibers be applied after the use of any styling tools such as hairdryers, flat irons or curling irons. Styling products (other than hairspray) should be applied to the hair prior to applying Toppik Hair Building Fibers. Applying gels, mousses, pastes, serums, and the like after applying Fibers may cause shifting the Fibers and could expose the areas that were meant to be covered. Let styling products dry before applying Fibers.

The irregular teeth and unique design of the Hairline Optimizer are ideal for naturally framing the areas around the face, including  the forehead and temple areas. This tool also keeps Fibers from getting onto the forehead when applying Toppik to the front hairline.

Toppik FiberHold Spray is specifically formulated to lock in the Fibers for those looking for added hold as well as shine.

Remove the Spray Applicator from the Toppik Hair Building Fibers bottle and rinse inside and out with flowing hot water. Let dry, and place it back on the bottle.

It depends on how frequently you use the product, the amount of the product you use each time, and the size of product you purchase. 

Yes, you can mix different shades of Hair Building Fibers. In fact, it is often encouraged to mix different shades in order to find the closest match to your own color, especially when working with blonde or gray hair. The product can either be mixed directly in the hair (use the lighter color first, and then layer the darker color over it).


COUVRé is made with sesame seed oil (a natural moisturizer) and iron oxides, which are natural colorants.

COUVRé stays firmly in place through wind, rain and sweat.

COUVRé does not encourage or discourage hair growth. Its gentle formula cannot clog pores or affect your scalp condition.

COUVRé stays on until it is shampooed out.

It removes easily with shampoo.

Yes. It’s completely waterproof.


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