Genuine products

Hair Genie SA is the importer of genuine Toppik and related products in South Africa. Beware of imitations. If it does not say Toppik or Couvre then it is not genuine.

What are Toppik Products made from?

Toppik hair building fibers are made of pure organic keratin protein, just like all human hair. They are charged with a precise level of electrostatic energy in order to form the maximum magnetic attraction to your thinnest hair. There are no harmful chemicals or additives whatsoever.

How can I order Toppik Hair Loss Treatments?

You can order Toppik Hair Fibres, Toppik Shampoo and Conditioner, Couvre Masking Lotion, Toppik Hair Thickener and other products for hair loss online. Make sure you order the correct color. This should be the color closest to your current hair color.

Do Toppik products for hair loss affect hair growth?

No, Toppik hair building fibers and Couvre can neither help nor interfere with normal hair growth in any way.

Can toppik be used while receiving laser hair treatments?

Yes, Toppik and Couvre will not interfere with any form of laser hair treatments. But should preferably not be on your scalp when your undergo this treatment.

Can I use Toppik/Couvre and Minoxidil at the same time?

Yes. To do so, first apply Apply Minoxidil (or any topical hair loss treatment) and then apply Toppik/Couvre . At night just apply Minoxidil. While wearing Toppik – a little may come off on your hand from the alcohol contained in the Minoxidil solution.

What if I get Toppik hair thickening fibers on my clothes or pillow?

The fibers are 100% colorfast and cannot possibly run or stain. If fibers do get on any surface, immediately just dust them right off with your hand and they’ll disappear. If Couvre leaves marks on Pillows or clothes, you need to wash it with warm water and soap.

I have salt and pepper hair. How should I use Toppik for best results?

Use white Toppik hair fibers in combination with either black, dark brown or medium brown. Apply the white fibers first and then “pepper” in the darker color. It will blend perfectly.

What will my package look like, will anybody know what I have ordered?

No Toppik is sent out in a discreet Courier Guy Bag. No one will know what is the contets.